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Bach Trumpets – Shop Cards

by Bach Loyalist

Vincent Bach – Shop Cards (Trumpet)

Bach used simple note cards for his shop card records of each horn.  in about 1926 Bach started to standardize on the information includes. During the years, the same basic information was recorded, however the format slightly changed through the years. Trumpet shop cards are generally available through the 30,XXX serial number range. Fellow Bach loyalists have also uploaded their shop cards into our database, so you can see other examples of trumpet shop cards.

If you contact Conn-Selmer customer service in Elkhart, IN and politely request a copy of the shop card they are most often willing to fax, email to you.

Conn Selmer
600 Industrial Pkwy
Elkhart, IN
(574) 522-1675

Kudos for Conn-Selmer to continue to information on the heritage of these Vincent Bach Corporation brass instruments!  Click here for Shop Card details for Vincent Bach Trombones.


Bach Trumpet – Shop Card fields

(earliest example on shopcard)
Serial Number The serial number of the instrument.
Model Examples include:
Stradivarius, Mercury, Mercury, …
trumpet, or cornet
Valve Bore Examples include:
0.462″ (L)
0.459 (ML)
0.453″ (M)
Valve Model Examples include:
B, C, E valve blocks.
E valve block is the most common.
C valve blocks used on larger bore.
B valve block are on very early NY trumpets.
Valve Fit Examples include:
Exceptional Tight
Numerical = Pressure tested to a psi?
Plating of Pistons (1950s) Examples include:
N.S. (Nickel Silver)
Mouthpipe Examples include:
the many different options available.
Partial list here.
Bell Mandrel Examples include:
the many different options available.
Partial list here.
12K (K= 2 piece bell?)
Bell Brass Examples include:
G 45 (German Brass?, 45 gauge)
Amer(ican) Brass Corporation
Gauge (1937)
Date Completed Examples include:
The date completed
Finish (1935) Examples include:
the various finish options available.
Partial list here.
Date Sold Examples include:
The date sold.
Customer Examples include:
The name of the customer


Bach Trumpet – Shop Card examples

Serial # Sold Date Shop Card Image
1314 5/9/1929
2761 7/27/35
4117 12/27/1937 courtesy of Jeff Dacks
7614 10/1947

Answer to an inquiry in 1952 of the origin of serial number 7614.
Note the response came from Emil Bundschu (V. Bach Plant Manager)

courtesy of Bob Lineberger

15096 6/25/56
17085 2/19/58

courtesy of Andrew Critzer

17718 10/17/1958 Shopcard_17718
30017 10/15/1964

Source: Various Bach loyalists


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Russ Nester February 1, 2014 - 6:45 am

So, how does one contact Bach-Selmer in Indiana? There are no addresses, phone numbers, or emails listed anywhere on the current Bach web page. It doesn’t look like they want anyone to contact them at all.

Bach Loyalist February 9, 2014 - 5:56 pm

Conn Selmer
600 Industrial Pkwy
Elkhart, IN
(574) 522-1675

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