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    BachLoyalist.com - Trumpets Trumpet Catalog Pricing

Vincent Bach Trumpet Catalog Pricing

Inflation Adjusted - Trumpet Prices
Instrument Finish Year Price Price(2006)
Stradivarius Model
Bb Trumpet
Lacquer 1925 $125.00 $1446.
  Silver 1925 $142.00 $1643.

Uses the Consumer Price Index (CPI) as a measure of the average change in prices over time in a market basket of goods and services.

Trumpet Catalog - Price List (1925)

Price List of Bach Instruments
Issued October 1, 1925 Finish Finish Finish Finish Finish
Instruments No. 1 No. 2 No. 3 No. 4 No. 5
Stradivarius Model
Bb Trumpet/Cornet
$125.00   $142.00   $200.00
Apollo Model
Bb Trumpet/Cornet
75.00 85.00   135.00  
Mercury Model
Bb Trumpet/Cornet
45.00 55.00   95.00  
Stradivarius Model
C Trumpet
125.00   142.00   200.00
Apollo Model Vocal
Bb/C/A Trumpets
87.00 97.00   147.00  
Bach Rotary Valve Model
Bb Trumpet
100.00   117.00   175.00
Apollo Model Aida
B/Bb/Ab Trumpets
75.00 85.00   135.00  
Apollo Model Military
G/F (US Regulation Bugle)
12.50 20.00   42.50  
Apollo Model Clarion Militaire
12.50 20.00   42.50  
Rotary Quick Change to A Slides
For Stradivarius Model
15.00   18.00   25.00
For Apollo Model
12.00 14.00   20.00  
For Mercury Model
9.00 11.00   17.00  

Instruments built in high and low pitch 5% extra (including three extra slides)

Styles in which Bach Instruments are Finished

Finish No. 1 - Highly polished brass.
Finish No. 2 - Heavily silver plated.  Satin Finish.
Finish No. 3 - Heavily silver plated.  Bell, mouth pipe, knuckles burnished.  Valves and slide in satin finish.
Finish No. 4 - Heavily gold plated.  Satin finish.
Finish No. 5 - Heavily gold plated.  Burnished all over.

Quotation on special finish or engraving furnished upon request.

Trumpet Catalog - Price List (1935)
Note the similarity of the trombone price list of the same era. (Click Here)

Prices of Bach Trumpets Stradivarius Model
  Cash Prices
These are professional net prices - with
the professional discounts already deducted.
Bb Bach Stradivarius
Finish 1 - Highly polished brass bell with nickel silver trimming. $125.00
Finish 1 1/2 - Highly polished brass, entire instrument lacquered and baked.

Transparent lacquer should be given preference because a heavier coat can be applied with discoloring the instrument.  We use the best material and the finish is applied in the best possible manner, but no guarantee can be given.  Lacquer is not a permanent finish as the following statement by the "national Association of Band Instrument Manufacturers will indicate: "Lacquer is only a temporary finish and should be sold as such."

Finish 2 - Heavily silver plated, velvet finish, inside of bell burnished. 135.00
Finish 2 1/2 - Heavily silver plated, velvet finish, inside of bell gold plated and burnished. 140.00
Finish 3 -Extra heavily silver plated, bell inside and outside, mouthpipe, slide bows and trimmings burnished to mirror furnish, valves and slides stain finish. 142.00
Finish 3 1/2 - Extra heavily silver plated, bell, mouthpipe, knuckles and and trimmings burnished to mirror finish, valves and slides in satin finish, inside of bell gold plated and burnished. 147.00
Finish 4 - Extra heavily silver plated, bell, knuckles and trimmings burnished to mirror finish, bell elegantly engraved and gold inlaid, inside of bell gold plated. 170.00
Finish 5 - Quadruple gold plated, burnished all over. 230.00
Finish 5 1/2 - De Luxe finish, quadruple gold plated on silver base, elaborate engraving inside and outside of bell, burnished all over, engraving in stain gold.  The most ravishing masterpiece in the art of musical instrument making. 250.00

The cost of lacquering used instruments is higher because the instrument must first be thoroughly cleaned, overhauled, and all dents and scratches removed.  Even the slightest finger mark would cause the lacquer to peel.  The instrument being free of dents, lacquering costs approximately $7.50 including cleaning and polishing.  All other repairs are charged for in addition and are subject to our regular rates based on the actual working-time necessary to perform first class job.


If an extra tuning slide with a nickel silver quick-change-to-A rotary valve is desired, the price is $15.00 additional in brass finish, $18.00 silver plated, $25.00 gold plated.


Vincent Bach Corp. - 1925 Catalog / Price List
Vincent Bach Corp. - 1935 Catalog / Price List
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