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Vincent Bach Trumpet Brands

There have a few different brands of Vincent Bach trumpets through the years.  This list tries to capture various descriptions and information about the various Bach trumpet brands.


"Looking for catalog descriptions of this model"


The Popular Priced Vincent Bach

Cornets, Trumpets and Trombones

In playing perfection these instruments meet the demands of the most discriminating artists, yet the price is considerably below that which one might expect to pay for such a well-designed and carefully fitted instrument.  They are made in the most popular bore, have sufficient volume of tone for a large symphony orchestra, yet they are so easy-blowing that dance, vaudeville and other musicians who work long hours find them an immeasurable aid to endurance.

from Genuine Bach Mouthpieces (1956) - Publication 6001


Mercedes II (1970's)

"Mercedes instruments were created to make Vincent Bach's acoustic designs available at prices within a students limited means.

We do this without making any compromises in their musical quality: intonation, resistance and timbre meet the high standards that are a Bach tradition.  Instead, we make them available at moderate prices by using machines instead of handwork on some of their construction details, or by using materials, components, and assembly methods more conventional than in costlier Bach Stradivarius models.

There are a number of other minor structural differences; these are tabulated for direct comparison below.  Together they account for the differences in price.  But do they also account for a difference in performance?  Well, Bach Stradivarius brasses are unique; that is why they are virtually standard equipment among professional artists.  Any student that has progressed to the point where we can hear, feel, and take advantage of their unique qualities will be happy to pay the premium price for a Strad.  On the other hand, Mercedes models give their owners all but the ultimate refinements of the finest brass instruments ever made, at significantly lower prices."

from Bach Publication; AV6021 (4/81)

Rare Example of a Eb Mercedes 2
S/N: 577XXX (2002/2003)

Rare Example of a Eb Mercedes 2 (Bell)
S/N: 577XXX (2002/2003)


Cornets, Trumpets and Trombones

The ideal model for the young artist or advanced student who wishes to economize, but must have an instrument of excellent playing qualities.  Never before have solo instruments of such remarkable playing qualities and sturdy construction been offered at a similar price.

Ask your dealer for further details or write for a price list.

from Genuine Bach Mouthpieces (1956) - Publication 6001



The Bach Omega trumpet model is available in silver or lacquer and has the Stradivarius valve block and is combined with economical tubing and bell.



Genuine Bach Mouthpieces (1956)
Eb Mercedes 2 Howard Solotroff




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