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There are different companies that manufacture slides, attachments, etc. that are especially designed for Bach instruments.  Below you will find some of the latest products developed especially for Bach brass instruments.

We do not endorse any of these products, rather are providing a single place to locate parts for your Bach brass instrument.  if you are a manufacturer that would like to add your product, service on this page targeted towards Bach instruments, please contact us through the link at the top of the page.  Adding your product on this page is FREE, but final decision on what is included on this page is the right of the administrators of BachLoyalist.com

Tuning Slides
Dave's Tuning Slides

My slide is inspired by the early New York Bach trumpet. Through the years, the main tuning slide crook of the Bach trumpet has been "squared" off. Currently, the only other option available from the Selmer Company is the single radius, round crook. I used this single radius crook on my horn for quite a few years, but now I feel what is really optimum is a curvature between today's modern "square" crook and the newer single radius "round" crook.


M/K Drawing & Bending
Elkhorn, WI

M/K Drawing & Bending was founded in 1990 and produces the highest quality musical instrument components for a variety of professionals and manufacturers; including custom Bach and Yamaha trumpet components. As our name implies, we provide slide and ferrule tubing as well as taper-drawn parts and a variety of crooks. We are finally releasing a new line of exclusive M/K products that we think you’ll find amazing.


Tuning Slides Inserts
NiViBri Tuning Slide Inserts

NiViBri Inventors has invented, and U.S. Patented items for the Trumpet. These include the POLYTONAL TUNING SLIDE (PTTS), and the CUSTOM TUNING SLIDE INSERTS KIT!. We provide Custom Trumpet IMPROVEMENTS without ANY alteration to your fine instrument.



Custom Engraving
Artistic Engraving
Granger, IN

Artistic Engraving has provided hand engraved Bach engravings for more than 20 years. Design offerings include the Anniversary design, the Standard design, and the Deluxe design. These three designs have been offered by the Conn-Selmer Company for many years. We also offer vintage designs used by Bach in the past.


Tuning Slide - Stop Rods
StopRod.com - Pedal F StopRods

StopRod.com: your online source for custom made pedal F stoprods designed to fit your Bach Stradivarius Trumpet/Cornet in Bb and the family of small bore soprano Bach Stradivarius Trumpets in D/Eb, F, and G.






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