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Press Release – New Bach Student Trumpet Gives a Choice in Design (2006)

by Bach Loyalist
New Bach Student Trumpet Gives a Choice in Design
11 September 2006

Conn-Selmer, Inc. announces the introduction of a new student trumpet under its famous Bach brand name. The Bach model TR500 trumpet offers an affordable option for beginning players and gives Bach fans a choice in instrument designs within the Bach student line.

Created for teachers that prefer a traditional student trumpet design, the Bach TR500 trumpet is built to the most stringent specifications. The TR500 features a .460” bore, nickel silver trim, a red brass lead pipe and a pin-style third slide stop, in addition to the Bach features that educators prefer. Other features include nickel silver pistons with two point valve guides, fixed third slide finger ring, and first slide thumb hook. Nickel silver outer and brass inner slide tubes prevent slides from sticking while the student learns the basics, and water keys on the main and third slides provide for easy drainage. Finger buttons are genuine mother of pearl with rubber bumpers for comfortable silent action. The outfit includes the same sturdy hard shell case as on other Bach student trumpets and a genuine Vincent Bach 7C mouthpiece.

The design and construction of the Bach TR500 differs from that of the specially constructed Bach TR300H, one of the most popular student trumpets in the world. For teachers that prefer the construction and concept of sound of traditional Bach student trumpets, the TR300H continues to be available. The Bach TR500 design is more in keeping with other competitive models but at a lower price. For those who prefer this more standard design, the TR500 offers an affordable option for beginning players.

For more information about the TR500, please visit bachbrass.com.

Conn-Selmer band instruments and accessories are sold through a network of dealers and distributors throughout the world. Visit www.conn-selmer.com for additional information. Conn-Selmer, Inc., the largest manufacturer of band and orchestral instruments and accessories in the United States, is a subsidiary of Steinway Musical Instruments, Inc. To contact Conn-Selmer, write to P.O. Box 310, Elkhart, IN 46515-0310 U.S.A.

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