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Press Release – Bach features vintage bell in new Limited Edition trumpet (2005)

by Bach Loyalist

Bach features vintage bell in new Limited Edition trumpet
9 March 2005

Conn-Selmer has introduced a special edition Vincent Bach trumpet that “skillfully combines historically significant qualities with modern day performance features”. The Bach Stradivarius New York #7 Trumpet is available in limited quantities and features a Vincent Bach #7 bell, made popular during the early 1930’s. The bell was developed by Vincent Bach during the 1920s and first appeared in 1929. It is constructed in one piece from lightweight yellow brass, with the current version featuring a classic French-bead flat rim. The instrument also features a .459″ bore, #7 leadpipe, vintage ‘30’s style mouthpiece receiver, first and third slide finger rings, single brace tuning slide, third slide stop assembly, and semi-precious finger buttons. The instrument is finished in bright silver plate with gold plate slides and trim. The outfit includes a specially marked double case and includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

“Lightweight body construction with narrow braces and narrow tuning slide make this a very comfortable and intimate instrument,” said Tedd Waggoner, Conn-Selmer marketing manager for brass instruments. “Given the tremendous historical significance of the #7 bell, we are very excited to be able to offer this limited edition.”

Historical records show that the first production instrument with a #7 bell was a Stradivarius trumpet (#1249) made February 26, 1929. A few horns with earlier serial numbers were also retrofitted with the #7 bell. Regular production of the #7 bell started in January 1930. Examination of shop cards for these instruments show that influential players of the day purchased these instruments, including Merle Evans (on a cornet), George Mager, Leona May Smith, Dr. Charles Colin, Henry Busse, and the Juilliard Graduate School (all trumpets).

Source: Conn-Selmer

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