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Bach Mouthpieces -A Visual History / Packaging
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pre 1965 1970s
Elkhart, IN
Elkhart, IN
Elkhart, IN

Elkhart, IN


Bach Mouthpieces - Travel Cases

As with many mouthpiece manufacturers, Bach also had cases for the multiple mouthpieces.  These are rare to find today; here's some fine examples from Fred Cirksena at Quality Brass.

Double Row Versions
(New York, NY)


Double Row Versions
(Mt. Vernon, NY)

All Brass
 - 22 pieces

All Brass - 15 pieces


(side view)

(logo zoomed in)


Single Row Version
(Mt. Vernon, NY)

(not all actual Bach mouthpieces)

(logo zoomed in)


Triple Row Version - 1980s
(Elkhart, IN)






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