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Design Evolution
of the Bach mouthpiece
  Mouthpiece Catalogs
through the years

Trumpet Models
Models, Specs, etc.
  Trombone Models
Models, Specs, etc.

How to Choose a MPiece
by Vincent Bach
  Mouthpiece Packaging
Key Packaging

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We are always looking for more information on the Bach mouthpiece line through the years.  Our goal is to summarize all of the different marketing of these mouthpieces.
For the most recent Bach brass instrument catalog (AV6001), it can be found at BachBrass.com, under accessories.

Older catalogs can be found in our Library section, found through the header of each page.  We are always looking for older Bach catalogs, so please contact us through the Contact link above.

There have been many Bach mouthpiece guides through the years, this is just a small sample from our current collection.  As always if you have a Bach catalog you would like to share scans of, please use the contact form at the top of each page.

Additional Reference Information
If you are interested in currently available Bach mouthpieces, the current Bach AV6001 catalog is a great reference.

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 to download from Conn-Selmer

If you have a Bach related information that needs to be included, please
contact us.



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