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Bach History – Key Leadership

by Bach Loyalist

We’re always looking for more information/corrections to include on key persons that were involved in the history of Bach instruments, so please email us through our contact us link in the header.

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Key Leadership – CEO / President

Era Person Title
Biography / Notes
1918 1961 Vincent Bach Founder, President of Vincent Bach Corp.
1960 1974 John F. (Jack) Feddersen President, Selmer Company <image wanted>
1974  1970’s Charles Bickel
(d: 2008)
CEO, Selmer Corporation Video Link
1980’s 1990 H.W. (William) Petersen CEO, Selmer Corp.(Came from rival C.G. Conn) Video Link
1990’s 2008 Tom Burzycki President, Selmer Band Instruments  

Video Link

2008 Present  John Stoner President, Conn-Selmer,Inc.


Key Leadership – Brass

Era Person Title
Biography / Notes
1918 1930s Hans Bach Vincent Bach’s brother.Ran some local NYC retail outlets. Helped in the early days of Vincent Bach Corp.  (image wanted)
1925 1956

1961 (d)

Emil Bundschu Manager of the Bach factory. Read More
 <1960 John Pettinato Chief Bach RepairmanMfg. most Mt. Vernon Bach Trombones  (image wanted)
<1940 Mike
Shop Foreman  (image wanted)
1960 1982 Lloyd
Chief Bach Brass TechnicianFrom NAMM oral historyVideo Link“Lloyd Fillio grew up in the band instrument capital, Elkhart, Indiana. His father worked in the industry as did his uncle and cousin (Ernie Kenaga who was also interviewed). It seemed natural for Lloyd to work in the industry. He worked for CG Conn for a short time before moving over to Selmer in 1960 where he took part in the relocation of the Vincent Bach trumpet division, which was purchased by Selmer in 1963. Lloyd enjoyed his role as product developer and felt rewarded as the company began to focus on brass instruments from that point on.”

“Lloyd Fillio, standing, is the Bach brasswind technician. Lloyd joined Selmer in 1960. He is working with Ken Pettifor, Pro Shop foreman and a 22 year Bach veteran.” from Bach Brass AV4785B, 1986

 1972  Present  Tedd Waggoner Chief Brass DesignerDirector of Marketing – Brass InstrumentsDirector of Bach Operations (2006-present)From NAMM oral historyVideo Link“Tedd Waggoner began his career in the music industry in 1969 and soon joined the Selmer team. Tedd worked in most of the positions for the company but found his greatest satisfaction when he began working in the Vincent Bach division of Selmer. As a trumpeter, Tedd fit right in and soon learned not only the full production of the trumpets and mouthpieces but also the great Bach history. His knowledge and passion led to several production and product adjustments and improvements over the years to create instrument as close to Mr. Bach’s original design as possible.”  

Sources: various Press Releases, NAMM, Conn-Selmer

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My uncle Vincent traveled in the navy band with Vincent bach all over the world when they finished vincent bach went back to new york my uncle vincent decorte went back to new orleans. they kept in touch thats how i have the trumpet with serial #11. my uncle vincent is known for one of the founders of jazz in N.O. according to Tulane university. would love to get more history 2 very impressive men so far. metairietree@cox.net

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