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Kennedy Bugle during Reagan Funeral

by Bach Loyalist

Kennedy Bugle discussion during Reagan Funeral (June 2004)

“Attached are two articles on the Kennedy (Bach) Bugle written for Newsday (NY Long Island paper) June of 2004. The reporter, Knut Royce, was actually the Washington Bureau National Security Correspondent at the time and suggested to Newsday, NY that they do the article since Vincent lived his life in New York, after arriving in US. They were short reporters, so they gave it back to him and he did a pretty good job with Roy Hemply’s input.”
from John Vincent Bach, Great Nephew of Vincent Bach

After interacting with the Reagan Foundation, it was decided that the Kennedy bugle would not used, but rather another Bach Stradivarius Bugle. “… does deserve in his own right his own Reagan Bach Bugle”, Knut Royce

The full size *,pdf article can be found at the link below..


Source: Special thanks John Vincent Bach for providing the articles, and this story.

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Alexander Davis December 14, 2012 - 10:20 pm

Is there any way to find out what happened to the other bugles that were made for the trumpeters of ”Pershing’s Own” when they were replaced several years ago?

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