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There are many discussions, stories, and history about Vincent Bach and later owners of the Bach Stradivarius brand of Bach instruments.  These sections show some of the history of Vincent Bach and his instruments.

We're always looking for more information/corrections to include, so please email us through our contact us link in the header.  All information is copyright per the original owner/source.

Additional Reference Information
If you are interested in more historical information about Vincent Bach and his instruments these are good references.
ITG Journal Online on ITG
ITG Oct. 1976/4
A tribute to Vincent Bach [Selmer Co.]

ITG Dec. 1994/4
The Life and Work of Vincent Bach 1890-1976: The Early Years to World War II. [Smith]

ITG Feb. 1995/4
The Life and Work of Vincent Bach 1890-1976: 1941-1976 and Beyond. [Smith]

Bachology on BachBrass.com
A series of excellent references on early Bach instruments by Roy Hempley and Doug Lehrer.
If you have a Bach related information that needs to be included, please
contact us.



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