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Database Entry – Trumpet

by Bach Loyalist

Bach Loyalist – Trumpet Database

Post instructions here in great detail so users can see what they have to enter.  This is still in BETA, do not enter actual information at this point.

Database Entry - Trumpet

This is found on the bell
ie. 180, 181, 189, etc.
ie. 37, 43, etc. Can be found on the bell. Leave blank if not on bell.
ie. 6, 25H, etc. Can be found on mouthpiece receiver on some instruments.
ie, M, ML, L, etc. Can be found on 2nd valve casing.
Enter the manufacture date (if known).
Maximum upload size: 5MB
If you have a copy of your shop card, please upload the image here.

Trumpet/Owner History

Enter your last name, or other source
Enter your email address (optional) - Will be kept private
Enter the price you paid for the horn.
Enter the year your horn was purchased. YYYY
Enter Zip Code, or Postal Code of Horn