Bach Manuals – How To Choose A Brass Mouthpiece (1972)

How To Choose A Brass Mouthpiece (1972) by Vincent Bach January 1972 The most important tool and first requisite of a brass instrumentalist’s success is a mouthpiece which enables him to emit a beautiful singing tone, with an easy and

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Bach Manuals – Know your brasses (1950)

Originally published in 1950 by Vincent Bach in “;the Instrumentalist”. This guide was used by many educators to describe the various brass instruments you would find in concert and symphonic bands. This example is the original from 1950.

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Bach Manuals – Do You Know Your Brasses? (1925)

Do You Know Your Brasses? by Vincent Bach “Expert describes models and their special uses in modern symphony orchestra and band.” The work of a modern symphony or opera orchestra trumpet player is highly exacting. In addition to technique, tone,

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