Bach Advertising – Help You to Earn More (Oct. 1920)

  BACH MOUTHPIECES Help You to Earn More For Cornet, Trumpet, and Trombone Endorsed and used by many  of our most prominent artists. A postal request will place you under no obligation and will enable us to tell you more

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Bach Advertising – Earn More (1920)

From Metronome magazine April 1920.  Using a Bach Mouthpiece will Help You Earn More.  Great advertising campaign, as this was very unique from other manufacturers of mouthpieces at the time. source: Chris Dankler  

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Bach Advertising – The Latest Style of Mouthpieces (1920)

from Metronome magazine, Jan. 1920.  This was before numeric models, and included his 3 models at that time. Star Standard Aida He was also starting to list his customer endorsements in his advertisements at this time. source: Chris Dankler

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