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Brand New “40” year old Bach

by Bach Loyalist

The Brand New 40 year old Bach

This story is one of those mythical opportunities you “dream” of when looking for older Bach instruments.  I’m jealous, and even more surprised it was on eBay and I missed it.

“I located this horn on E-Bay, cornet not a Trumpet (but wait). An absolutely and completely original (not refinished/refurbished) 1965 Strad Cornet 37 bell in lacquer, SN #. 30,8XX. This is the first year I believe that Elkhart was in operation since leaving the Mt Vernon location. The sellers family has owned a music store since 1889 in Akron, Ohio. The shop has been inactive for 20 years or so. They located this and a Strad trumpet several years ago in a storage area in the shop and they are frozen in time!

The 3rd valve slide stop is in the reverse position from the current style.

Case original, serial numbers on each valve the keys are in the small envelope and the flap is still stapled. Case is plush blue velvet, with the old emblem inside the case and outside, craftsman building a horn. No scratch, no dents, no marred, the case is also absolutely pristine and brand new. The original warranty card is in the case. Absolutely perfect and brand new although 40 years old! Tedd Waggoner from Bach and Roy Hempley who writes the “Bachology” articles for “Trumpet Corner” were surprised to see one like this.

I knew that it would be nice, but never dreamed that the reality would be this incredible. The case hasn’t even be carried, the handle doesn’t even have a curvature to it. Absolutely perfect pristine inside/out, original warranty card, case keys still in small envelope and still sealed. Original valve oil and cleaning rod. No scratch’s, dents or anything! It hasn’t ever been sold! The seller wrapped it beautifully for me and this horn slots incredibly well and has the sweetest sound. The 3rd valve slide stop is in the opposite direction. I know that trumpets are usually the focus of interest but I thought that you might appreciate this horn. How many brand new all original 1965 Strads that have never been sold or hardly even played are even in this world today? The sellers also sold a 1965 Strad trumpet SN # 39,XXX also never sold previously/brand new however the 3rd valve slide stop is in the traditional position. Both were available for bid, and fortunately for me the focus was on the trumpet and I was the only bidder for the cornet.”

Tom D’Antoni from N.J.

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