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Bach Trumpets – Tuning Slide Variations

by Bach Loyalist

Vincent Bach – Tuning Slide Variations

Tuning Slide – Wrap

The master tuning slide crook in the early 50’s was made wider on later instruments made in the Mt. Vernon shop after approximately 1955. This difference is about 0.25 inch.

NY Bach – Tuning Slide entry 3rd valve
Serial Number #4117, courtesy of Jeff Dacks

Note how the tuning slide entry into the 3rd valve goes down at an angle. Newer Bach tuning slides go “straight” into the 3rd valve.

Also it is very interesting to see the change in the wrap during time with early Vincent Bach trumpets. Also, note the relative position of the spit valve and drain with respect to the main tuning slide. Here are some great examples:

Other Examples of Bach Wraps on early Bach trumpets.

Bach MtV (#30XXX/1964) vs. Bach MtV (#15XXX/1956)

Bach Mercury (#58XX/) vs. Bach MtV (#15XXX/1956)

If you are looking for the original style concept tuning slide crook, you should look into Dave’s classic tuning slide here.

Tuning Slide – 1st Valve Slide / Saddle

“The first slide was changed to the reversed construction in the mid 1970’s. It was done because the old style had to have an extension arm made to solder on the 1st slide tuning crook. By reversing the slide tubes, the slide action was greatly improved and (2) by eliminating the soldering of the hook to the slide crook, it helped the response of notes associated with that valve.”
from Tedd Waggoner (Vincent Bach Brass Product Manager)

The first valve saddle became standard in the 1970’s. Before that time, this was an option.


Tuning Slide – 3rd Valve Stop Rod

Before 1940, the stop rod bracing was hexagonal in shape. Here are good examples of this style from a pre 1940’s Bach. Mt. Vernon Bach’s had the stop rod guide facing the 3rd valve. Sometime in the mid-late 1960’s (1967 example shows this facing the bell), the stop rod was reversed to face the bell. We are looking for additional examples to narrow down this serial number range.



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Guy August 25, 2016 - 9:00 am

Wondering how the early”30) 3rd. slide stop rod is held in the post…if one want’s to lengthen a bit or got damaged. And what size tread does it have

frank March 26, 2017 - 12:33 pm

I have a Bach Strad sn # 23394 with the shop card noting the selling date (to me) was 11-12-62. Mine has the stop rod facing the 3rd valve

frank March 26, 2017 - 12:36 pm

I have a Bach Strad sn # 23394. Purchase date was 11-12-62. The stop rod faces the 3rd valve.

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