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Bach Trumpets – Leadpipe Variations

by Bach Loyalist

Lead pipe – Labels/Style

Some recent lead pipes (>1970) have the label applied to the mouthpiece shank, and many early leadpipes were labeled.

Lead pipe – Mouthpiece Receiver

“The mouthpiece receiver was shorted by Vincent Bach himself back in the late 1950’s before he sold his company to the Selmer Company. I don’t know his reason for doing this. We simply kept his designs.”

-Tedd Waggoner
Vincent Bach Brass Product Manager

Source: Tedd Waggoner

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MZH February 5, 2012 - 11:02 am

Apparently, Mel Broiles was “instrumental” in having Bach shorten the mouthpiece receiver of Bach trumpets, according to one of my former teachers Edward Treutel. No reason was given in this case, either.

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