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Bach Trombones – Bell Combinations

by Bach Loyalist

Vincent Bach Trombone Bells

Additional information on the model 6 variations can be found here.

Model Bell Types Known
Model 6i #401
Model 6ii #425
Model 6iii #425
Model 6iv #431
Model 6v #431
Model 6vi #436
Model 6vii #440
Model 8 #415
Model 16 #415

Source: Multiple Sources

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Need help identifying this Trombone and it's value October 24, 2016 - 3:43 pm

[…] On the Bell where it says "Bach" is there anything else stamped on the Bell? Like here Bach Trombones – Bell Combinations | BachLoyalist Is there any extra tubing, or any valve on the bell? On the bell crook, the curve part, is there […]

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