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Bach Mouthpieces – Vincent Bach personal cornet mouthpiece

by Bach Loyalist

An interesting cornet mouthpiece in the BachLoyalist collection, is a cornet mouthpiece that is from the late 1920s/early 1930s.  This cornet mouthpiece is marked with V. B. (Vincent Bach) and was most likely one of Vincent’s personal mouthpieces that he used when playing cornet solos at various venues.

The mouthpiece is manufactured from Nickel Silver and used a combination of 1 1/4C and a 7C cup.  It is marked as the following:

Vincent Bach Corp., New York

1 1/4C & 7C

V. B.

When we received the rim was missing, so we had J. Landress Brass create a replacement top rim following the manufacturing practices and following the style of other known Bach New York mouthpieces from that era.  A similar trumpet example was seen a few years ago by another Bach loyalist with similar markings.  Stamped 1 1/2 & 6D on the underpart, with a V. B.

Below are photos of the cornet mouthpiece and images of the new rim being hand machined at Josh Landress Brass.


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