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Bach Mouthpieces – Holton Examples

by Bach Loyalist

We have not seen many examples of these, but these are what appears as Vincent Bach mouthpiece designs co-branded as Frank Holton and Bach.  As a side note Vincent Bach played and endorsed Frank Holton instruments in the mid 1910s. (1914-1916?).

The Chicago example below (pre 1918) closely resembles a Vincent Bach mouthpiece from 1919, but labeled as Frank Holton Chicago (pre 1918).  It is stated in the various histories of Vincent Bach that his first mouthpieces he produced were in 1919 at East 85th street, New York City. (reference from ITG 1994/12 – The Life and Work of Vincent Bach)

We’re not sure which was first?  Holton manufactured Vincent Bach’s design, or Vincent copied a Holton design?, or simple Someone named BACH had it engraved onto a Holton mouthpiece?

We’re always looking for additional examples or information, please contact us.

Chicago Examples (pre 1918)

Frank Holton & Company moved to Elkhorn, WI in the Spring of 1918. These examples would have been very early examples of a Vincent Bach mouthpiece design.


Elkhorn, WI Examples (after 1918)

Frank Holton & Company moved to Elkhorn, WI in the Spring of 1918.  These examples would have been a later example of a Vincent Bach mouthpiece.

[Source: Magne Remmen (Chicago example), Holton Loyalist]


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Jay Rizzetto November 5, 2013 - 10:07 pm

I have a mouthpiece marked ” Frank Holton Chicago ” on one side and marked “Bach” on the other side. The rim is a peculiar shape, elipitical. It looks similar to one of those on your website. Hope that’s helpful information.
Best to you,

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