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Bach Mouthpieces 1920s Wurlitzer catalog

by Bach Loyalist

From the Wurlitzer catalog, issue #127 from the early 1920s.  This catalog was from Wurlitzer (Cincinnati, Ohio) in the early 1920s, at the time was described as the “worlds largest general music house.”


Scientifically Designed – Exquiste Tonal Qualities

Was constructed along scientific lines to meet an urgent demand.  These mouthpieces are intended for those discriminating musicians who realize that in order to obtain one hundred percent efficiency and tone, a mouthpiece must fit the physical requirements of the individual player.  The BACH Mouthpiece has successfully met every possible test and you will be astonished to what extent your Embouchure improves after using it for a few weeks.  It’s intonation is positively wonderful.  So far as workmanship and tonal qualities are concerned these mouthpieces reign supreme.

Vincent Bach was producing mouthpieces for an entire line of brass instruments – Eb Bass, BBbBass,  Alto, French Horn, Trumpet, Cornet, Mellophone and Baritone.  Limited models listed (1-3) per instrument.

Note the Cornet & Trumpet Combination model 7, have not seen this catalog option prior in Vincent Bach mouthpiece catalogs.

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