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Bach Mouthpieces – Mega Tone Mouthpieces

by Bach Loyalist

From a question from one of our fellow Bach loyalists, what year was the Bach Mega Tone mouthpiece series introduced to the market?

From trademark records, the Bach Mega Tone mouthpieces was first used in commerce on April 16, 1991.  This mouthpiece line was introduced by Selmer to offer a solution similar to other heavy mouthpieces at the time (Monette), and add-on weight systems applied to existing mouthpieces.  (As a reference point, the first Monette mouthpieces were sold in 1985 to players playing Monette trumpets).

From the Bach mouthpiece catalog (1994) – 3 years after introduction. The full catalog can be found here.

For years, symphic and jazz brass players have experimented with ways to improve their sound.  Those who want a darker, stronger sound have tried various mouthpiece add-on devices to increase weight and mass.  Now there’s somethign better: Mega Tone from Vincent Bach.


To create the Mega Tone, Selmer started with genuine Vincent Bach mouthpiece designs, then more than doubled the outside mass.  This darkens the sound and allows higher dynamic levels without distortion.  Mega Tones slot extremely well so pitches center dependably.  A slightly larger throat affords less resistance and greater flexibility.  The result is a warmer, more powerful sound that’s perfect in the concert hall and adds a new dimension to pop and jazz playing.


Bach Mega Tone is at your Selmer dealer now.  It’s readily available in the standard models listed on the following pages.  All other models can be special ordered.  Silver-plated finish standard, optional gold-plated finish available for an extra charge.  Mega Tones can also be special ordered as complete screw-rim mouthpieces or underparts only. (Standard Bach rims fit Mega Tone underparts.)


From the US Trademark office registration.



Additional information:

If others have more information on the development of the Bach Mega Tone mouthpiece line, please contact us through our footer.


Source:  the Monette story found here.

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