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Bach Advertising – Glenn Miller 1940

by Bach Loyalist

Vincent Bach was also an innovator when it came to promoting his instruments with musicians from the beginning of his mouthpiece to the later years of his company.  Vincent and his company often worked to promote famous musicians at the time through postcards and promotional brochure promoting both the musicians and the “highest quality” BACH brass instruments.

One of my favorite promotional brochures includes the Glen Miller and his Orchestra booklet from 1940.  Below are photos of the pages from this brochure.

As an excerpt from the brochure:

One of the distinctive features of the Glenn Miller Orchestra is its eight-man brass section, 100% BACH (four BACH trumpets, four BACH trombones).  When Glenn close his instrumentalists, such a large number of brass players was quite unusual, but since then this brass section has made musical history.  It gave the Miller band a refreshing quality that set it apart from other orchestras and it is greatly admired for its wonderfully rich tone, fine phrasing, faultless intonation and precision teamwork.  To obtain this high degree of tonal blend, various makers of instruments were tried out, and the fact that the BACH was chosen not only by Glenn but also by the entire trumpet and trombone section speaks volumes for the superiority of these instruments.

Below are images from this Glenn Miller an his Orchestra promotional brochure from 1940.


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