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Bach History – Additional References

by Bach Loyalist

If you are interested in more historical information about Vincent Bach and his instruments these are good references.

ITG (International Trumpet Guild)

ITG Journal Online

ITG Oct. 1976/4
A tribute to Vincent Bach [Selmer Co.]

ITG Dec. 1994/12
The Life and Work of Vincent Bach 1890-1976: The Early Years to World War II. [Smith]

ITG Feb. 1995/4
The Life and Work of Vincent Bach 1890-1976: 1941-1976 and Beyond. [Smith]

Vincent Bach’s World (formerly Bachology)


A series of excellent references on early Bach instruments by Roy Hempley and Doug Lehrer.

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fred harrison December 20, 2013 - 12:36 pm

I learned trombone from Bill Rausch, who played with Glen Gray’s Casa Loma Orchestra. Bill (I called him “Mr. Rausch”) said Vincent Bach often gave him horns to try out, whatever his latest creation was, to get an opinion, and described him as a modest man working on a lathe. Just wondering if anyone remember any of this.

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