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Bach Accessories – Valve Protector (1925)

by Bach Loyalist

A good example of the various accessories sold by Vincent Bach early in the history of Vincent Bach Corporation.  Always looking for actual images, please contact us through the header if you have one of these.

Bach Valve Protector
for Trumpet and Cornet

(as a side note Hans J. Bach was issued a patent for the same device on Jan. 29, 1924)

Prevents perspiration from corroding the metal.
Protects the hand from brass stain.
Preserves gold or silver plating.
Keeps valves from freezing in winter.
Lessens the strain of holding the instrument.
Gives an unfailing grip.

No. 1 – Price. Genuine leather. velvet lines, plain ………….$1.00: postpaid. $1.10
No. 2 – Price. Genuine leather, with third valve extension, $1.25: postpaid. $1.35


From the 1925 Vincent Bach Corporation catalog.


Source: 1925 Vincent Bach Corporation Catalog

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